Sleep. Putting your head on a pillow. Looking up while thinking about the day that was. Rolling back in time, remembering other nights like this one. No matter what you have experienced or where you have been, sleep has been a part of you. Sometimes sleep takes time, but you can never not sleep, and no one can die from lack of sleep. Off course, reduced sleep-quality can have a profound impact on life, but one thing is for sure: Sooner or later, sleep will come.

Until sleep comes, remember to live. Let the moments awake be about something: Try doing new things, challenge yourself, let your brain live the dreams produced during the night. We need to bring something with us to bed. We need to feel that we have done something worth remembering. We need to see that we have done our best to survive, and that we can be proud of ourselves. Sleep is a part of a cycle. We need it to reboot, to start anew. Sleep takes us in its arms, rocking us back and forth. When it doesn`t take us in its arm, just wait. Let it take it`s time, because you can`t force a cycle. If you can`t sleep, get up and do something else. Because you will sleep, sooner or later. Until then, live and breathe.

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